Monday, September 20, 2004

Before the Blog

Before the blog there was the book:

Herman Benson's new book,
Rebels, Reformers, and Racketeers: how insurgents transformed the labor movement, is now available from AUD. You can read an excerpt and the full table of contents, and find other books and articles by Herman Benson.

To order:


Anonymous said...

Dear Herman and AUD,

I like this blog, keep them coming. Great for the Labor Movement. These thoughts I know will help me! I will provide a link to your blog from Pipe Trades for a Democratic Union.

Frank A. Natalie

Anonymous said...

Mr Benson

Recently I called AUD, re: my termination for refusing a bag check. I was given two 5 day suspensions.
I work for a local as a assit. griever. I want to thank you for your help. I served a 5 day suspension and returned to work. I have been telling everyone what to do if a search at the gate takes place. Submit! If you want to keep your job. I have 29.5 yrs. sevice. I can't afford to loose my pension. This is not the place to take this fight. I still belive that we as Americans should not give up our rights so easily. Where will this end? I also understand they have to protect they're property. The company should be protecting the gate coming in, weapons drugs etc. The majority of theft is coming fom mgmt. in the form of contractors and vendors. we have witnessed this.
The intent of my post is to inform others and to thank you. I tried to submit the $30 fee-AUD on line. It wouldn't take. I will don. by mail. I believe what we are doing is important. Many dues paying members today are uninformed about they're rights. Keep up the good work.

Sincerly R. Morin