Sunday, December 17, 2006

Confronting Corruption in Labor Unions -- conference audio online

From the AUD website:

"On October 14th, 2006 AUD held a one-day conference
to assess fifty years of efforts by unionists and government agencies to drive out the mob and rid unions of corruption. The conference was held at the City University of New York and co-sponsored by the Center for Urban Research, and Building Bridges. Thanks to Ken Nash of Building Bridges, over the next month or two, we will post the complete audio.

"This conference presented a sometimes upbeat but often grim portrayal of the struggle against corruption. Eleven speakers shared their experiences and ideas with an audience of about 90 people, some coming from as far away as Ohio, Illinois, and even Alaska.

"We welcome feedback and encourage you to discuss the ideas and perspectives presented here in union forums, lists and blogs, both official and rank-and-file. Please let us know about discussions or threads on your site and we will post a link on this page."

Latest Audio: Judith Schneider, introducing the conference and speakers; Herman Benson on corruption and democracy; James Jacobs on the history of government trusteeships.

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